Botschaft @ Presse

Meine Botschaft an die Presse!
von Heidi Mund

Die Medien tragen die zweithöchste Verantwortung, nach der Politik, an dem Desaster, das bereits begonnen hat. 
Sie halten die Wahrheit zurück oder verdrehen sie derart, dass das Volk in Unwissenheit bleibt.

Sie sind schuldig.

Dear representatives of the media, dear journalists,
I just read the article from the newspaper „Frankfurter Rundschau“, titled „Pegida is protesting and Heidi is praying“. Then follows the numbers of Pegida demonstrators starting with 20 participants and Heidi with 120 people, who have confirmed their participations on FB.
Now the prayer action campaign „Save Europe 2015“ is a thing of the past.
I just wanted to bring you a message: you the representatives of the press. You are second most responsible, next to our politicians for the misery in which Germany is stuck at the present. It seems as if we will soon be confronted with a civil war.
We received thousands and thousands of muslim men, in the country! No checks have been made, not even health checks!
You the media, have nearly succeeded to hide this news from the public! Some of you are excellent journalists, we applaud you for that! Most of you however keep the public quiet, probably until the last moment, when nothing can be done anymore.
Today I want to tell you something:
You are guilty!
And when all the trouble starts, actually it has already begun, that more and more women and young girls are being raped especially in the hostels, where the asylum seekers are staying. You should be aware of this; I know you can read, this information is available on the internet.
We hold you responsible!
On the streets of Altensteig a 19 year old lady was raped by 2 Syrian men. And in Tübingen a woman was raped by 6 men, in Dresden another woman, but you did not report about Altensteig and about the others you reported very little.
What did you report about the young German men, who were assaulted by groups of muslims? They were kicked in the head, while lying helplessly on the ground!
Does the public know anything about these incidents?!
Do they know of all the diseases they are bringing like TB, Hepatitis A, B,C, scabies and others? Are they aware, that there is not enough vaccines available and in some instances there are no vaccines available at all?
Does the public know, that 90 % of the so called refugees are not refugees at all and come from muslim countries?
No, they don’ t!
Does the public know of all the sexual perversions, that the left want to practice and instruct our children in schools and kindergartens - NO! - You are responsible for this, because you refused to report about it. You are guilty!
It is just like what was going on before the second World War II. I never understood, how it was possible, that within a short period of time the Jews could be so defamed in a such a way, that their own neighbors and friends believed, that the Jews were the enemy! Now I understand how it happened.
By your reporting you made me within two to three days a „Nazi“! I am a free citizen, a believer in this country! You have managed to drag me through the mud; not only me, but also others. You nearly destroyed our existence! I hold you responsible for this!
Up to this time I have kept quiet and kept a low profile and did not call you „Liar-Media“ (Lügenpresse), because I generally do not like to discredit any occupation and also because I don’t want to generalize, but now I tell you, the journalists:
That nearly all of you are liars!
If you don’t start reporting the truth, you will pay for it one day!
What is happening now is that our people are being turned over to these aggressive muslim men without any chance of escape! These muslim men are even being housed in military barracks, by the thousands, where on the same premises weapons are stored.
The police and the army are aware of this.
You are still second most responsible and you will be held accountable for not informing the public!